Sadly, it's true. It's been officially announced that all of Crumbl Cookies Colorado locations, and across the country, will be discontinuing their classic pink sugar cookie. Here's all we know.

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Colorado Crumbl Cookies To Discontinue The Pink Sugar Cookie

Nobody likes bad news, and we hate saying goodbye even more. If you've been by one of the many Northern Colorado Crumbl Cookies locations, you've no doubt tried, or at least seen their classically delicious-looking pink sugar cookie. It's been a staple in their weekly line-up along with other classics such as the chocolate chip cookie from almost the start. While the classic chocolate chip will remain, the classic pink sugar cookie is leaving the weekly menu as of Saturday, April 23rd.

Crumbl Cookies Co-Founder and CEO Jason McGowan said in a video addressing this decision to the public, that even though it may come as a shock to many fans of this delicious popular classic, it simply hasn't been keeping up with their growth. He also said this will create the opportunity to showcase even more new cookies as they continue to develop tasty new combos and inventions that will continue to change weekly.

As seen in the official announcement above, he did say that this doesn't mean goodbye forever to the classic pink sugar cookie and that it will make special appearances in the future. Crunbl Cookies always lists their everchanging weekly line-ups so if you're a major fan of the classic pink, keep an eye on their weekly line-ups as well as take the opportunity to try some of the new sugar cookie variations along the way. If you're going through some serious sadness, I recommend calling the "Pink Sugar Support Line" at 1-833-505-PINK. Seriously, call, you'll thank me later. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some cookies to go stock up on.

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