In news that seems to be ‘out of left field,’ the company that makes all those crazy energy drinks is now the owner of one of the most laid-back Colorado breweries.

Dale Katechis is not a name that many people know. Folks might be more familiar with his beer, Dale's Pale Ale, a great IPA produced by Oskar Blues. Oskar Blues started out in Lyons, but is headquartered in Longmont.

I have enjoyed many of the beers produced by Oskar Blues; I've enjoyed some of those beers AT Oskar Blues. That Lyons location, Lyons Grill & Brew, is definitely worth checking out, with not only great beer but great food, too.

When it comes to Monster drinks, I think that I have maybe had one, in my entire life. It's just not my thing. Maybe it's because I'm older. it does seem like a drink of the youths. Those giant cans are very.. Monstrous.

Speaking of cans, Dale was the first craft brewer to put his beer into cans, back in 2002. Dale's Pale Ale was definitely one of the first craft beers I remember buying a six-pack of.

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So now, a beer known for being first to have cans, is owned by the company that has those monstrous cans of Monster. Technically, the company that has owned Oskar Blues, CANarchy, got bought out by the maker of Monster, in a $330 million deal.

It just seems weird, to me, to see Monster entering the beer business. Maybe it's a way of following the customer from youth to adulthood. Maybe they'll be buying out Metamucil in the next few years.

So, raise your Dale's Pale Ale, your Mama's Lil' Yella Pils, your TenFiddy, and make a toast to 'change.'

[Source: Orange County Register]

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