At a glance, Colorado is a pretty "normal" state. Sure, we have our quirks, but at least we aren't the regular butt of the joke (looking at you, Florida man).

The towns of the Centennial State also have their fair share of normal names.

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Cities like Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, and more all have unique monikers, but they don't come across as strange or unusual.

The nicknames of Colorado towns are another story — just take a look at Arvada's claim to fame as "the Celery Capital of the World" or Severance's Rocky Mountain oyster-themed motto of "where the geese fly, and the bulls cry."

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We're not worrying about nicknames today, though. Instead, we're searching for Centennial State towns with weird and wonderful names that you could actually find on a map.

And, if you look past the larger areas like Denver or Fort Collins, you'll find more than a few oddly-titled towns in Colorado.

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No, nothing like Gwenyth Paltrow's daughter Apple or Elon Musk's Exa Dark Sideræl...but they're still pretty weird names.

Check out the top nine Colorado towns with the weirdest names in the gallery below:

The Weirdest-Named Towns in Colorado

These towns' names aren't the only odd things in Centennial State. Check out 25 things Coloradans do and say that other states think are weird in the gallery below.

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