It's no secret that Colorado is known for its high altitude and its high rent. To me, it's always felt that way, but what I would give now to be paying 2011 rent again. According to Rent Data, here's how much Fort Collins' rent has skyrocketed over the last decade. Let's just say, you could get three bedrooms then, for the price of one now. Oof. 

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Rent Data reported that back in 2011, the median rent in the Fort Collins area was $770 per month for a one-bedroom rental, or around $650 for a studio.

In 2012, prices actually appear to drop, which is a phenomenon I don't think I have ever personally experienced. That year, Rent Data said the median cost of a one-bedroom rental was $650, while a studio was $550.

In 2013, a one bedroom went back up to $730 per month. In 2014, the price of a one bedroom slightly increased to $750 per month, while a studio went for $640, on average. Those rates pretty much remained consistent in 2015.

From 2016 to 2017, a one-bedroom rental jumped past $850 per month on average, while a studio was between $725 and $775 on average. In 2016, I signed the lease on my first studio apartment (so, no bedroom) and with all utilities included, I paid $800 a month. To be honest I wish my rent was still $800 per month. By 2018, one-bedroom rentals were well over $900, while studios neared $850 on average.

In 2019... it happened. The one bedroom surpassed $1,000 per month, and studios weren't far behind at $950. And if you're wondering why you're only paying $50 less per month to live in an apartment with no bedroom, I had to literally ask myself that question, too. Possibly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rents between 2019 and 2020 remained pretty flat.

Now, a studio in Fort Collins is over $1,000 on average, and a one bedroom is close to $1,200, which was the price of a three-bedroom rental ten years ago.

So, to recap: One bedroom in 2011: $770. One bedroom in 2021: $1,180. You can see more from Rent Data here.

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