It's a take on the classic, "Honey, I'll be late at the office, tonight, don't wait up." What better "disguise" of a name, than calling yourself 'The Office,' when in fact you are not an office, at all?

In the end, this businesses isn't necessarily doing anything completely illegal, it's just in the wrong spot. If they'd began this business across the highway, we probably wouldn't be reading about it, at all.


In a non-descript building in Centennial, Colorado, south of I-25 and Arapahoe, very non-describable things have been happening inside. Non-describable only in the fact that people's privacy is involved; nothing involving under-aged persons or persons doing things against their will is alleged. It's apparently a place for "swingers" to go and do "what swingers do."

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The Denver Post has the story on how "The Office" is being sued by Centennial because they're operating outside of the allowed boundaries for such an "alleged" sex club. Once Centennial found out about the place, they immediately tried to shut them down with a "cease and desist" order, to no avail. The city then decided to sue the business.


According to the Denver Post, a lawyer for 'The Office' says that their client will be working to resolve the issues. I guess the issue being, is that they either move, or stop operating an alleged "swingers" sex club there.


If anything, I'm betting that the alleged activities will increase for The Office, especially when they move to the "proper" location within the city limits.

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