Most of the Amish population resides in Ohio and the other states in the eastern portion of the country, but many Amish families have now migrated out west, including to Colorado.

A few Amish people attempted to settle in Colorado during the 1900s, but these communities were short-lived due to disease, challenging weather, and prairie fires.

Amish Ploughing
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Following the unsuccessful settlements in the 1900s, no Amish people were left in Colorado, but that slowly changed during the early 2000s.

Now, there are several Amish communities that have settled in the Centennial State. Most of the Amish families moved here seeking cheap farmland opportunities and slower-paced lives. Upon moving here, others started small businesses that are now thriving. These individuals live simple lifestyles and don't use any electricity, which means no TVs, phones, or cars either.

The Six Amish Communities in Colorado

 According to the Young Center, Colorado ranks seventh in the nation in Amish immigration. As of 2021, Colorado is home to six Amish communities.

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