What happens when an outdoor Colorado adventure company decides to dip their toes in the wine making business?

You get drinks like Skier Pee, Snow Bunny and Switch Stance – all created by Evergood Elixirs out of Palmer Lake, Colorado, and now available throughout the entire state, including here in Northern Colorado.

What's unique about Evergood Elixirs, is that their wine is actually made from lemons, rather than grapes.

While they've only officially been selling their products for the last 15 months, the story of these drinks began about twenty years ago, when the creator noticed how much the craft brewery market was developing, and how the new generation's alcohol preferences were starting to evolve. Still living in Ohio, he endlessly experimented with different types of craft beverages, and landed on using fermented lemons along the way to create wine. It became a hit within his circle of craft beer-loving friends, and from there, he and his family set out on an adventure to concoct something totally new to the market.

The three different types of wine, Skier Pee, Snow Bunny and Switch Stance, are all gluten-free, vegan and 10% ABV. Plus, they only contain four ingredients. Currently, they come in 22 oz. bombers, but a goal for the company is to convert to using cans sometime in 2020. Because of the high acidity, these wines are shelf-stable for over a year and once opened, can last for weeks, and even months, on the counter, whereas grape wines can only last for a  few days.

Skier Pee was Evergood Elixir's original adult lemonade, and is a refreshing citrus wine. The clever name was thought of by the creator's teenage son. Snow Bunny is a pink, strawberry flavored wine, described as tasting like an adult juice box. It's also their best-seller! And finally, Switch Stance is a crisp, citrus wine made from lemons and limes - basically making it taste like a margarita in a bottle.

In addition, Evergood Elixirs recommends a variety of creative cocktails on their website that can be made at home using their wine. Bartenders have even started using Evergood Elixirs while making their own cocktails, and furthermore, people are also using them in the kitchen to cook.

You can use this map to see which stores, restaurants and bars in Colorado carry Evergood Elixirs. There is also an upcoming tasting from 4:30-6:30 p.m. on October 11 at Brand's Beverage in Windsor. While they can't ship to other states currently, they definitely have plans to do so in the future, and would like to start with other ski communities first.

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