It's the most active time of year for snakes. It's so nice and warm out that they just love to get out and take a look at everything. Good thing there are no snakes in Colorado. Right?

No snakes in Colorado? That's right up there with snakes don't like living in the mountains. Scroll on to learn more about the snake situation in our state and to see which kinds of snakes you may encounter here.

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Are There Snakes in Colorado?

Friend, there are snakes almost everywhere. Around 30 different kinds of snakes call Colorado home, but only a few are venomous. They love finding homes down in between the many rocks and boulders that help them make it through the winter.

What About Rattlesnakes? Are There Rattlesnakes in Colorado?

Yup. There sure are. Guess which side of the state they like? Mainly the western slope although it's not unheard of to find them elsewhere. There are 3 rattlesnakes in Colorado to worry about. The western massasauga rattlesnake, the midget faded rattlesnake, and the prairie rattlesnakes. Scroll on to see them in the gallery below.

Colorado Snake Bite Basics

If you are bitten by a snake the first rule is to remain calm. Most snakes in Colorado are not venomous. Did you hear a rattle? Your phone might be the best first aid you can have for a venomous snake bite. Call for help, then call ahead to a medical facility to let them know you are inbound. If you are bit by a non-venomous snake, have a doctor check it out if you feel it's necessary.

Scroll on to see all the snakes that like calling the Centennial State home.

Slither Through Some of the Snakes You'll Find in Colorado

There are a reported 28 different species of snakes in Colorado. They range from non-venomous to venomous, which are only three different types of rattlesnakes.

Take a look at the most common snakes in Colorado:

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