How time flies. I remember vividly watching this while I was living in Seattle and preparing for my move down here to Colorado thinking to myself, "Sheesh, I hope I don't get caught in a snowstorm driving my 26 foot Uhaul with my car in tow in a few days".

Thankfully, I did NOT. But the fact that last Labor Day Weekend in NoCo saw temperatures of 100 degrees with a high of 97 only to wake up to snow the next morning was mind-blowing to me. However, after living here for a year now and seeing the drastic weather swings firsthand, I get it. Living at elevation allows you to witness some great weather feats, and that was certainly one of them.

one of the biggest and most drastic ever

The snowstorm came at a time when the Cameron Peak Fire was burning and the hope was that the snowstorm would bring some relief and help firefighters. It did, but only a little and very briefly.

While early snowfalls are certainly not an uncommon occurrence here in Colorado, the nearly 70-degree temperature swing in about 24 hours was the craziest thing about last September in my humble opinion.

While we certainly don't have to worry about any drastic temperature swings or snow coming in THIS year with temps expected to be in the 90s and possibly pushing 100 degrees later in the week, you can check out some of the earliest snowfalls in Colorado history HERE.

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