April Fools day is a day where you are skeptical on everything you see and hear. Why? Because everyone is a jokester that that day. It's really the only day where I am kind of disappointed I don't get pranked. Someone took it upon themselves to totally troll Loveland residents and anyone who was passing by the intersection of 57th Street and 287 on Sunday.

Safe Kids Day 2017
Getty Images for Safe Kids Worldwide

A vinyl, professional looking banner attached to a chain link fence at the intersection showed the In-N-Out Burger logo with the words "HERE SOON May 2018" on it. Many people took it as a sign from the burger gods... Sadly, it was only an April Fool's joke.

In an article in the Reporter Herald, John Hauser, managing partner of the company that is developing the Loveland Commons devlopment area where the sign was hung said "I wish it were true, bit it's not true". If you were excited to see that sign, sadly, you will just have to wait for an official word on where a location, if any, will be happening for In-N-Out Burger in Northern Colorado.


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