Maybe if the list had included 25 cities that are great for beer lovers, they would have included Fort Collins. In the meantime, see why Denver beat us out.

I gotta tell you, there really is something very cool about being at Denver Beer Company on a Saturday afternoon with friends, including furry friends; let me just get that out of the way., the site created to help people's moves go better, recently posted their results after researching the most populous U.S. cities and the number of breweries those cities have per 100,000 people, to create this 'Top 20' list, with Denver coming in at #2.

Who Was #1?

Portland. Portland? Get this: Denver does have more breweries than Portland, but Portland has more per 100,000. A technicality, really.

Who Was #20?

Milwaukee. It's hard to compete with the 'big dogs,' I would have to guess. Milwaukee has nearly 600,000 people in it, but only 29 breweries. Sad.

Denver's Numbers

The Mile High City has a beer-spitting 91 breweries for its 735,500+ residents. I've only visited about 5-10 of them. I feel bad. So many, and I've had so few.

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Any Other Colorado Cities?

Colorado Springs ranks near the bottom at 19, with 27 breweries and just over 432,000 people.

So, Fort Collins Gets Nothing?

Even if you open the list out to the top 99, you only find Aurora on the list for Colorado.

Maybe it's for the better; we don't need a bunch of people moving here just for the great, great, delicious beer, right? More for us.

Check out Move.Org's full list HERE.

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