You have to envy William (Bill) Shatner; having gotten the role of a lifetime and having that role follow him around in such a great way.

William Shatner turned 90 in March, meaning he was 38 when the last episode of the original 'Star Trek' aired in 1969. Over 50 years later, the series is almost as big as the universe itself, with Captain James T. Kirk having started it all off.

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It was Gene Rodenberry's creation, but Shatner made Kirk the character that would represent the show through its first episodes all the way to today. Say what you will about his occasional overacting, his toupee(s), and T.J. Hooker, Bill has done a lot for television and geeks worldwide.

Shatner will be one of the guests at FanExpo Denver: Special Edition at the Colorado Convention Center from October 29-31, 2021. He'll be there on the third and last day, October 31.

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Let's say all you wanted was a picture with Bill, an autograph from the man, and of course, a ticket to get in that day; that would run you about $250. That's really not that bad to hang out for 90 seconds with an icon.

It'll be $100 for photo ops, $100 for autographs, and a single-day pass is $45 ($30 for early bird pricing) at this 'Fun-Filled Fan Culture' event.

The weekend will also include 'Commander Spock' from the latest 'Star Trek' movies, Zachary Quinto, Micahel Rooker from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' [Yondu,] James Marsters from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' and more. This is going to be a great lineup, I may now have to think about a full weekend pass for $70.

I sit and wonder, sometimes, how long it will be before I actually open up that Star Trek memorabilia store in San Fransisco? I'm sure hanging out with all these crazy fans for a day will help to keep that dream on the back burner.

Get ticket information for FanExpo Denver HERE.

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