Starbucks is expanding again and this time it's in Midtown, where the old Burger King once stood in Fort Collins.

According to the Coloradoan, the new location is at 4218 S. College Ave and has been in the making since last fall. The hope is that it relieves some of the pressure that's being put on College Avenue from coffee lovers who need their morning fix (like me) by giving residents a second coffee option in the area.

A little bit down the road, at 1708 S. College Ave.,there is another Starbucks drive-thru that always seems to have regular backups in its drive-thru line, which often spills cars out onto South College Avenue. Who wants to be stuck in a long line and have their commute slowed down by stopped cars blocking the way before many have had their first cup of coffee? That spells BAD NEWS.

Now we just need to get another Raising Cane's to help with the traffic blockages caused by THAT drive through on College Avenue.

This new Midtown Starbucks is over 2600 square feet and employs a staff of 15.

With so many different types of drinks and coffees available, I am pretty boring, whether I'm at Starbucks or any other place, my drink is the same: a regular old cup of coffee with 2 extra shots of cream and no sugar.

My wife, on the other hand, will take about 3.5 minutes to order a drink, and that's ok but I've often wondered what goes through barista's minds when they're taking some of these orders. For example, for me they're probably saying things like "This guy is super boring," or "Wow, that's a super easy order, hooray for him!"

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