You may have noticed already, but we talk about stupid laws a lot around here. What can I say? Dumb legal precedent is like potato chips to me: once you've had one, it's impossible to put the bag down until you've had your fill. Usually that includes picking up another bag when I'm done with the first, but we aren't talking about me.

Today, we're talking about some more of the dumb laws that are still on the books here in the Centennial State. We're only highlighting a couple, so as always, if you have a favorite stupid law, let us know about it with AppChat.

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Don't Forget to Light Your Cat

If you're planning a trip to Sterling with a feline friend, take heed: make sure you have an appropriate lighting source for that cat, lest you fall afoul of the law. Thanks to the good folks over at Stephen Louth Law Offices, we now know that a cat must be equipped with a light for its tail, a kind of "tail light," if you will, if that cat is to be allowed to roam the streets of Sterling.

Now, why this is necessary and how you would actually implement the statute on stray cats, I'm not sure. Likewise, I have yet to determine if cats can turn these lights on and off without thumbs. However, kudos to whoever cooked this one up; you truly were a forward thinker.

Denver Dogs Have Rights

Believe it or not, these cat laws do not indicate a general will in our state to exert our control over our pets. Look no further than Denver, where you will find that Dogs must actually be served notice from the dog catcher if they are to be impounded for three consecutive days. Let that sink in for a moment.

A human being, just doing their job in the city of Denver, must notify a dog of impoundment. Now, I'm not really a dog person, so is there some kind of canine love for bureaucracy and paperwork that I don't know about? Is the dog lobby overwhelmingly flush with cash? There's just no logical explanation here.

Strangest Laws in Colorado You're Probably Breaking Right Now

We all try our hardest to follow the law, even when we don't agree with them. We took a look at some of Colorado's laws and discovered a few that make no sense at all.

We know drinking and driving is illegal, but did you know riding a horse while intoxicated is illegal. Or take a mule or donkey into a building could get you in trouble.

And whoever threw a missile at a car is someone we'd like to meet.

Take a look at Colorado's most outrageous laws on the books.

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After looking at OutThere Colorado and Uncover Colorado I put together a list of ridiculous laws that are still in effect here in the state that we call home.

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