It's always a national story when a former first lady dies -- but when Betty Ford passed away over the weekend at the age of 93, the news affected not only those who remembered her years in the White House, but the thousands of people whose lives were affected by her groundbreaking work in addiction therapy.

Long before 'rehab' became a popular concept, Ford lent her name to the treatment center that has provided a safe haven and recovery tools to countless patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction -- and two of the center's most well-known former residents have spoken out in remembrance of her work.

"Betty Ford took a risk at one of the worst times of her life and came forward to share a message of recovery in order to serve others," said Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, who achieved sobriety in the mid-'80s after spending time at the Betty Ford Center. "Her vision, passion and amazing heart led to the Betty Ford Center, the gold standard of treatment facilities. She will be missed, but her work in recovery will live on."

Joining Tyler in appreciation was Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks, who used her stay in the center to help break her cocaine addiction. "That really, really made my need to actually fix myself even stronger because when you see somebody that’s done it, and you’re not nearly as famous as she is, no matter what, it changes you," Nicks recalled. "As far as I’m concerned, Betty Ford saved my life."

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