Bringing Home a New Dog
I'm bringing a new dog home. How do I introduce the dog to my cat?
Guide to Introducing your Cat to a New Dog
Dogs don’t have to chase cats! If introduced correctly, cats and dogs can learn to live quite peacefully in the same home...
Expert Tips
Keep Your Pets Entertained During the Cold Months
Now that the summer months are long gone, your dog is probably spending more time indoors. This often means more time in the trash, chewing on furniture, and ripping up the carpet as well...
Winter Petspective
There’s No Place Like Home
Temporary foster homes save lives
Every animal that comes through the doors of Larimer Humane Society deserves a second chance. As an open admission shelter, we pride ourselves on welcoming every animal into our shelter regardless of age, health or temperamen…
Expert Tips
Pets need protection from the cold weather just as much as they need protection from the heat of the summer. Here are a few tips to help keep your pet as healthy as possible through the Colorado winter!
Beware of antifreeze – it tastes sweet to animals, but even a small amount can be deadly...