Going to the movies should be an experience. That's what the Metrolux Dine-In Theater brings to Downtown Loveland. Check it out.

The Metrolux Dine-In Theater is officially open in The Foundry in Downtown Loveland. They have seven screens, ranging from small to big.

The signature theater is theater #1.  It uses 4K projection technology, has 139 heated recliners and a wall-to-wall curved screen. It's pretty cool.

The two small theaters only have 27 recliners. That will be neat to see art-house films in one of those two theaters.

What really makes this theater stand out is right there in their name- 'Dine-In.'  This isn't like the Cinemark Bistro, where you order at the counter and they bring you your food.

When you enter your theater at the Dine-In, you're greeted by a host and get a menu. You find your reserved seat, go over the menu and then hit the 'service' button when you're ready to order. They come in, get your order and then come back in a bit with it.  Again, pretty cool.

The theater also has a separate restaurant/lounge, Scripted. A nice bar, lots of seating (including seating that looks out into The Foundry) and great decor.

Prices are comparable with the Bistro, so that's good. I can see a lot of folks coming to Downtown for a movie as opposed to going to Fort Collins or even out to the Promenade Shops to see a movie in one of the deluxe theaters at the Metrolux 14.

Note that with each ticket there is an extra .50 charge that will go to paying for the parking garageCheck out tickets and more HERE.

Loveland Metrolux Dine-In


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