After months of protests the Aurora ICE facility opened their doors to the media for the first time this week.

The Acting Director of ICE in Denver John Fabbricatore tells CBS4 that every week the facility processes convicted criminals that are in the country illegally, along with two planeloads of people from the U.S. Mexico border.

Inside the facility inmates are offered free phones, use of face time on a community iPad, a law library, and a kiosk for ordering snacks.

One of the biggest concerns at the facility is health for detainees. Fabbricatore says the population has doubled in the past 8 months and they continue to hire more medical staff to handle all the people.

John Fabbricatore tells CBS4:

“We all live in this community. We don’t want diseases to be released into the community. We don’t want criminal aliens in our community. We’re not here to hurt people. We want to see people become United States citizens.”


Source: CBS4

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