Ted Nugent is running for president! And he’ll win if Homer Simpson has his way.

The politically-minded rocker responsible for ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ and ‘Wango Tango’ made a guest appearance on last Sunday’s episode of ‘The Simpsons.’ As a talk-show host and leader of the “Gravy Boat” movement, Homer Simpson is forced to choose between potential candidates for the White House. “Maybe I’ll vote democrat. The great thing is that when they get in they act like Republicans,” he says as Mr. Burns lurks over his shoulder.

“No one is voting Democrat while I can still draw a bow,” a younger looking Nugent answers from the shadows. In typical ‘Simpsons’ fashion, a series of bumbling Homer-isms pushes Nugent close to winning the office, but ultimately Homer pulls his — and his party’s — support and the election crumbles.

In real life, the Motor City Madman is publicly supporting Texas governor Rick Perry, even going as far as to schedule his 2012 tour through key swing states. In September he said he realizes he needs to temper his words while “officially” stumping for Perry, but on stage he can let loose.

“On a rock ‘n’ roll stage, I can tell Hillary Clinton to straddle my machine gun. The more something causes problems with people, the more I’ll say it ’cause it’s rock ‘n’ roll and you can eat me. But that’s a rock ‘n’ roll show. I know how to change the tone. If you can differentiate between what goes on on a rock ‘n’ roll stage and a dialogue . . . then we can actually move forward.”

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