It appears the ‘The Midwest Rock ‘N Roll Express’ wasn’t moving down the tracks quite fast enough for Ted Nugent drummer Mick Brown.

On the closing night of the tour featuring Styx, Reo Speedwagon and Ted Nugent in Bangor, Maine last night, July 8, things got a little out of hand. According to local police, Brown drunkenly stole a golf cart used by the venue staff and sped off — igniting a wild goose chase.

Police officers who were working at the waterfront event were alerted that Brown was recklessly driving around on the ‘borrowed’ golf cart and was obviously under the influence. When local security and police attempted to stop Brown’s wild run he gunned it down a local foot path on the cart.

The next time they would see Brown, he had two female passengers on board the golf cart and still wouldn’t stop. According to the Bangor Daily News that’s when an officer got close enough to stop Brown, but Brown shoved the officer before two security workers were able to remove Brown from the cart.

The 55-year-old Brown was placed under arrest and now faces a handful of charges including: theft and assault, operating under the influence and driving to endanger. Brown, looking quite euphoric in his mug shot, was released on $4,000 bail and is due in court on Aug. 15. Apparently now we know how he earned the nickname ‘Wild’ Mick Brown during his time with Dokken!

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