Kiss usually have the market cornered when it comes to selling imaginative rock memorabilia and one-of-a-kind Kiss-branded items, but even Gene Simmons must bow down to Ted Nugent on this one. Right-wing rocker and hunting enthusiast Nugent has signed a licensing deal with Pierce Munitions, LLC, makers of high-quality hunting ammunition, to create a line of Nugent-branded bullets called Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Hunting Ammunition.

The shells will be available in a variety of styles and calibers, for everything from .357 magnum and 45 Long Colt hand guns to nearly 10 different calibers of hunting rifles. Each caliber will be available with various projectile options, whatever that means.

“My life, family and friends are one big shooting, hunting, outdoor family,” Nugent says in a statement. “I am excited and proud to now help create state-of-the-art ammo for dedicated sporters everywhere.”

“Ted Nugent is putting his name on our product and insists on perfection in every shot,” adds Pierce Munitions Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Wright. “That is our sole focus right from the beginning. We use only the finest components available. Each round is hand inspected and hand packaged.”

Production on the ammo, which will be distributed by American Tactical Imports, will begin in the first quarter of this year. Look for Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Hunting Ammunition to hit the shelves of your favorite outdoor retailers and hunting supply stores by July.

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