The state of Colorado is amazing, we know that! Sometimes, it even takes our breath away -- literally, because altitude. Straight from the Twitterverse, ten too-real #ColoradoProbs.

Here is mine: I got stuck behind this coming into work AND THEN AGAIN going the other direction, same spot, driving home from work. *smh*

1) Though obviously worse in Denver, we Fort Collins residents can absolutely relate
2) Waze may need an update.
3) Will the real Nancy Botwin please stand up?
4) Both, if it smells like brownies. 
5) I am Rachel. I think we've all been Rachel.
6) #SlowLeftLaneSubarus -- they can strike at any time. 
7) No. No. Yes. Yes. YES!
8) And she was probably blazed.  
9) Guilty.

10) *Makes it background on phone* 

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