For one great season with the Broncos, everyone said, 'All he does is win!' Now, Tim Tebow is still looking for another 'win' after not making the Jaguars squad.

It was 10 years ago that everyone in Colorado knew the name, Tim Tebow. People loved to cheer him on, especially after his six-game win streak. The quarterback was on fire. ESPN was eating him up. The ESPN show 'First Take' even came to town to do a live broadcast about him; I remember because I was there. It was awesome.

'All he does is win! All he does is win!' 'All he does is win!' We all shouted along with Skip Bayless, after waiting in line at 5 a.m. to get into the bar where they did the broadcast.

Remember 'Tebowing?' Tebowing was a big thing. Time flies, right?

Alas, things just soured for Tebow after that season. I was in the stands for the game in 2012, where Peyton Manning came in to relieve Tebow; that's when it started coming to an end for him in Denver. Next up, was the Jets; then the Patriots, followed by Philadelphia, and most recently, he was a tight end for Jacksonville before they cut him in pre-season.

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Along the way, Tim has done an assortment of things, including five years with the New York Mets baseball organization, with him retiring from baseball in 2021. Did you know that he has his own brand of headphones? They're called 'The Jet.'

Tebow is sure to find his perfect fit, it's just a matter of time.

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