We have all seen someone doing it. Texting and driving. Maybe you have done it too...

You don't have to admit that you did it, but you might want to stop, now. A new law was signed today by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper increasing the fines for texting and driving. The previous fine was a mere $50. That fine will now go up to 6 times that amount to $300. Not only will your wallet feel the wrath, so will your insurance. The law also will ding you five points on your license instead of the one point that the previous law had in place.

Man texting on mobile phone during driving a car

If the risk of possibly harming yourself or someone else because you chose to text and drive didn't phase you, the chance of taking a big hit on a $300 fine and five points off of your license which could affect you financially might just do the trick. Drive safe!


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