Happy Wednesday, Bachelor Nation. Let's delve into week 2 of Pilot Pete's season (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

Hannah and Peter

Hannah Brown (aka Peter's ex girlfriend/former Bachelorette) basically ambushed Peter last week by telling him she still had feelings for him. Peter is obviously still in love with her, but he can't get over the fact that she pretty much only wants him because he's the Bachelor now. Good on you, Peter.

After one extremely intimate hug, he tells her that he can't do this. Looks like Hannah Brown will not be on the show after all...for now, at least.

Group Date #1

Peter cancels the first half of the group date because he's emotional. The girls are understandably upset about Hannah B. coming back. Natasha calls Peter out about it right to his face, and immediately becomes one of my favorites.

Some girl name Sydney who I forgot gets the group date rose. I don't know why, I'm sorry.

Cocktail Party

Welcome to Champagne-Gate 2020. Basically, some girl named Kelsey has had a six dollar Cook's bottle of champagne from years ago that she's never opened and was saving for a special occasion.

She planned to open the bottle with Peter next to the fire place...but front runner Hannah Ann thought the bottle was for her and opened it with Peter. 

Hannah Ann swears she did not know that the champagne was Kelsey's. Kelsey doesn't believe this, has a full blown panic attack in a bathroom, and calls Hannah Ann some words that had to be bleeped.

After she quits sobbing, Kelsey gets to open another bottle of champagne with Peter. She knocks over a bottle of champagne in the process and basically throws up on herself, while Peter is trying really hard to pretend that she isn't insane.

Rose Ceremony

Peter tries his best not to tell all of the girls that he actually hates them and wants to run off with Hannah Brown. Some randos named Courtney, Lauren, and Payton get sent home.

Hannah Ann and Kelsey stay on because drama.

Courtesy of The Bachelor Facebook page.
Courtesy of The Bachelor Facebook page.

Group Date #2

The girls do a Project Runway-style fashion show, and the winner gets to take home tons of expensive clothes. Hannah Ann shows up on the catwalk in a freakin' wedding dress because this girl has no chill.

Some girl named Victoria cries her eyeballs out for their entire date because she's not confident enough. She gets over that pretty quickly and makes out with Peter in front of a live audience in lingerie.

But, Hannah Ann wins the challenge, and Victoria gets so upset that she threatens to go home. Peter comforts her, and finds her sobbing endearing enough that he gives her the group date rose.

Cocktail Party

Hannah Ann decides to tattle on Kelsey to Peter because she felt "bullied." They make out for a bit and then he goes to talk to Kelsey.

Kelsey cries again and says that she doesn't understand how she was bullying Hannah Ann, before proceeding to tell Peter that Hannah Ann sucks.

Peter goes outside to think about what he wants to do and, unfortunately, does not jump the fence.

Quotes of the Night

  • "Just know that for the most part it's like real feelings."
  • "The bottle shows my heart and what I want."
  • "I've acknowledged your feelings and I'm moving forward."
  • "There's a difference between me not saying nice words to her face and constantly bullying somebody."

Oh, boy. Stay tuned for next week to watch Hannah Ann and Kelsey duke it out.

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