The good news: I recently got approved for a loan. The bad news: it's to pay for gas. It's no secret that gas prices have been skyrocketing for the past several weeks, even months. Whatever or whoever you want to put the blame on is up to you, but I'm just going to focus on ways to help you bring down the monthly cost of putting gas in your vehicle.

Even if it's only a few bucks here and there, it all adds up and helps out and, honestly, many of us are so focused on where to get our gas and looking for the cheapest prices.

But, another thing to think about is when to get your gas, because apparently, that can a determining factor in how much you're paying at the pump as well.

According to GasBuddy’s lead petroleum analyst Patrick De Haan, the beginning of the week is the best time to get gas in terms of prices because those days tend to be the cheapest.

As the week goes on, gas prices tend to rise until they reach their most expensive point on the weekend – especially on Friday and Saturday.

Apparently, there's a report that comes out on Wednesdays which can significantly influence the price of oil and that can either drive the price down or bring it up, which it seems to be doing these days at an alarming rate.

Of course, the whole supply and demand is something that is pretty obvious with the weekends, especially in the spring and summer when more people want to get out and go places, those prices tend to be higher Thursday through Saturday and even Sunday.

Shop around, that's what the experts say when it comes to saving money on your fill-ups. You can save up to a couple hundred bucks a month if you fill up on the right days and at the right places.

As of a week ago, these are the cheapest places in Colorado to get fill up your gas tank. (Prices may currently vary due to the high fluctuation)

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