To say that gas is expensive is the understatement of the year, and while the year is only less than 3 months old, it's the cold hard truth.

However, there are some places out there that have some prices that won't completely break the bank. In fact, the cheapest place in the entire state of Colorado to buy gas today (Monday, Mar. 21) is right here in Northern Colorado at the Sinclair station in Fort Collins.

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Now the key to getting more bang for your buck when it comes to filling up your gas tank is using your gas rewards at places like King Soopers, Safeway, Costco, etc., or downloading the GasBuddy app to help you search and find the cheapest gas options.

This much we do know: if you want to find the cheapest place in Colorado to get gas, it's right here in Fort Collins off Highway 287 at the Sinclair station.

Another Fort Collins gas station made the cut in the top 10 for cheapest gas in Colorado, let's check them out.

  1. Sinclair– Fort Collins: $3.53
  2. Costco– Superior: $3.64
  3. Safeway– Englewood: $3.65
  4. Costco– Thornton: $3.65
  5. Costco– Littleton: $3.65
  6. Everyday– Westminster: $3.66
  7. Costco– Arvada: $3.66
  8. Loaf ‘N Jug– Englewood: $3.68
  9. Circle K– Longmont: $3.69
  10. Valero– Fort Collins: $3.69

Still expensive but this is as good as it gets for gas prices in Colorado for now.

I'll keep updating this every week or more to keep you in the know on the closest places for your fill-ups.

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