Because, when you're studying history, you want to believe a cool story like this!

National Strike Held In Brazil Protesting Corruption
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With all the hype about fake news lately, we are all reminded to check our sources before treating a news story as real.  So, I'm not sure this would've gone over as well in 2017 as it did over 30 years ago.

I still find it intriguing and hilarious, so maybe you will, too.

Click on the image above for the tale of this Old Town gag.

What really seems like it would make this story believable?  It's fairly common knowledge that there's an underground tunnel system below Old Town.  While there were several purposes for these, none of them was all too good.  Today, I am told you can take tours of these, though.

Did anyone give you a hard time on April Fool's Day?  I laid low for a change, although one of my eight-year-olds told me one of our dogs pooped in the car while we were on the road this weekend.  I immediately freaked.  That's right.  I was had by a third grader.  Sort of makes a dad proud.


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