If you love looking at the moon, make sure you give it a good look tonight as it's going to be decked out really nice for the weekend. The Full Pink Moon will be looking all sorts of awesome as it rises throughout the weekend.

Even though it's called the "Full Pink Moon" it won't necessarily appear pink the entire time. Depending on where it is on the horizon it could be a different color, atmosphere conditions will also determine its color as well.

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Hey, I'm not scientist or moon expert, it took some reading up by me to figure this all out but technical and scientific stuff aside, the moon is going to look pretty awesome this weekend and much bigger too as it will be closer to us.

Here's a shot from the last full pink moon we had--

beautiful pinky moon


Honestly, the pics don't do it justice but I can assure you, if you've never caught one before, you should definitely try to see it this weekend because it really is pretty neat.

In addition to the cool moon that's going to be up in the sky this weekend, we may be able to see a little meteor shower in preparation for the big show, The Lyriad Meteor shower that's coming next week.

The weather is supposed to be great this weekend, not too cold in the nighttime and nice clear skies perfect for visibility.

Happy Viewing.


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