Walking around Old Town Square today, you probably would never believe what it was like before Gene Mitchell put his mind to work on the area. 

Gene Mitchell is not a name that many folks know, but he passed away recently.  The Coloradoan has the story on how Old Town Square was just one of the projects that he was involved with.

Gene envisioned Old Town Square as being what it is today: No cars, trees, events happening all the time, a great community gathering place. By 1985 Old Town Square was bringing the Choice City together like never before.

Having grown up in Loveland, I don't really recall what the area looked like before 1985. It just wasn't a destination like it is today; it's that simple.

We at Townsquare Media reached out to current Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell for his comments on Gene's passing:

Gene Mitchell was a giant that transformed our community through his vision, commitment and life’s journey.  It’s hard to imagine Fort Collins today as the wonderful place it is if it wasn’t for Gene’s numerous contributions.   Wade Troxell

Mayor Wade Troxell

City of Fort Collins, Colorado

Old Town Square was not the only development that Gene was involved with. He was behind the building of the Marriott off of Horsetooth Road, and The Square at Horsetooth and College; along with visions of other features for Fort Collins that would indeed come to fruition after he'd moved on.

Gene was in his mid-90s when he passed away at his home in southern California.

Get more on Gene, Old Town Square and his other visions for the city from The Coloradoan HERE.

You can see photos of Old Town from way back when from The Coloradoan HERE.

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