With temperatures dropping it might be time to grab the blanket and post up on the couch with a new show to binge watch. A blog post on the website Joybird has broken down all of the most streamed shows in each state.

Netflix is the most used streamed service overall, with the most original content. However, Colorado's most search streamed show is actually from Hulu, the hit show titled Castle Rock. Now, while it may seem like that makes perfect sense, coinciding with our very own Castle Rock, CO, the title of the show is actually part of the Stephen King universe and is named after Castle Rock, Maine (the state where pretty much every Stephen King story takes place).

If you are more into the comedy, then there is a good chance that you have searched out "The Mindy Project," as that is Colorado's most searched for comedy. Finally, if you are bit more into the serious, and want to join the Colorado masses, then search out "The First," which is Colorado's most searched for drama.

To see the break down of all of the most searched shows from all fifty states you can see the blog post here.

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