Fort Collins is widely known for its craft beer scene. 1989 was the year that really saw that take off. This place, however, went at it with food as well.

Somehow, to me, calling CooperSmith's just a 'brewpub' doesn't do it justice. It's a landmark. It 'represents' Fort Collins. CooperSmith's will be celebrating their 30th year the week of November 4.

30 Years ago, I was just getting into craft beer, as a 22-year-old 'whipper-snapper.'  They started out at about the same time as Odell Brewing opened (which my buddies and I visited a lot), but CooperSmith's opted to have a restaurant, as well.

Maybe you didn't know, but their Poolside used to be a Comedy Works. I can't tell you how many times I've been into Poolside; hundreds, probably.

For their 30th anniversary, they'll be having great specials: $3 flagship pints,  a lunch special that come with a pint, a $19.89 dinner special that comes with a pint and desert, and they'll give away a FREE YEAR of BEER.

I think I just cried, a little.

How many times have you visited CooperSmith's?


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