Mick Jagger said he ate so many sopapillas at Casa Bonita that he got sick, but did the rock legends really roll through Denver's famous dive (pun intended)?

We know if you've eaten at Casa Bonita, it's likely not the sopapillas that will make you sick... but we won't go there. On Saturday night at Mile High, Jagger joked that he'd eaten so many while visiting the restaurant in Lakewood, that he felt ill.

Prior to the August 10 show, reportedly the band visited a Denver speakeasy, William & Graham, which is a high-end craft cocktail bar. However, there's no hard evidence pointing to the Stones venturing through Black Bart's cave, aside from Jagger's on-stage shout out.

After scouring through social media, there's no photo or mention that the Rolling Stones were in Casa Bonita (and you'd think there would be) raising their flag for more sopapillas. We may have to say this story is as real as the Casa Bonita cliff diving performance.

We'd like to just believe it's true, but hey, even if it was just a joke, at least Jagger knows of Casa Bonita, for better or worse.  


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