With summer blood demand goes up, while blood donations go down. Vitalent is looking to make up an 8,500 shortfall in donations here in early July.

Summer comes around, and accidents/incidents needing an infusion of blood go on the rise, but the amount of folks donating blood goes on the decline.

According to 9News. Vitalent is stating that universal O-negative type supply is critically low, but other types are also needed.

Vitalent has fixed donation sites (one as close as Westminster) but they also have plenty of drives where they bring the donation centers to you. They have several dates within the Fort Collins area coming up within the next 10 days.


July 5 - Greeley - Greeley Mall - NCMC

July 7 - Longmont - Calvary Church

July 8 - Fort Collins - Fort Collins Senior Center

July 9 - Loveland - Loveland Public Library

July 10 - Fort Collins - In-Situ

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