There is a doorbell thief on the loose in Fort Collins and police are asking for your help. Who would steal a doorbell right? Well, considering many of them have cameras in them if you're a thief you probably want to do what you can to eliminate the possibility of someone seeing you doing naughty stuff, so you get rid of the camera.

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The bad news for the thief is the doorbell camera is going to get a nice, up-close shot of you as you approach it to dismantle it and swipe it. And that's exactly what has happened in this case. So, hopefully, we can help catch this person because of it.

According to the Fort Collins Police Department, the incident happened on Broadview Place and the resident who reported the incident also reported there was some damage done to their vehicle parked in the driveway as well.

There's the look if you happen to recognize this person or know anything about this particular incident, contact Fort Collins Police.

Oh and always remember what mom and dad taught us back in the day: if something doesn't belong to you, keep your paws off of it.

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