Surging to popularity as an artist is seen as a symbol of success that gives you more room to be creative. A rapper having a bunch of eyes on them and their work is vital to continuing on with their career, but it can also change how they're viewed depending on their social presence. What happens when they take the attention and turn it around, going back into obscurity whenever they feel like it? In hip-hop, they win. Moving with an air of exclusivity can raise a rapper's appeal, as long as they're not gone forever of course. Here, XXL highlights a few rappers from different eras of hip-hop who have gone mostly silent between albums, raising the anticipation for their next move. These are the most elusive rappers on the internet.

Playboi Carti has been moving in the shadows for a while now, with the anticipation of his sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red, behind him. The album finally went live last month on Christmas Day, but the mystery and buzz leading up to it was something to see, with fans jumping all over all of the Atlanta rapper's social media posts looking for hints. Through all of it, Carti remained in control.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar is still moving in silence. No one really knows when his next album is coming and the West Coast rapper isn't saying anything publicly. His disappearance from Twitter—his main communication with fans when he feels like popping up—seems like it won't change anytime soon. The anticipation for new K-Dot music only continues to build, and the more info he withholds, the hotter things get. In recent years, Kendrick has laid low more than ever before, and he's keeping that going even as his star rises.

Then there's Jay-Z, who doesn't tweet often and doesn't have Instagram nor does he really make announcements outside of that. Aside from promoting his new businesses like the marijuana brand Monogram, Jay mostly stays quiet and goes about life how he wants to. His music usually comes as a surprise with little lead time, and he only does press if he's just made a major decision that deserve speaking to journalists. Even with how little he engages in typical interviews, Jay's thoughts and music are still sought after.

From Jay-Z to Playboi Carti to Kendrick Lamar and more, check out the most elusive rappers on the internet.

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