Donuts for breakfast certainly work in the traditional way. A fresh donut with a cup of coffee, that's a breakfast of champions right there but now, there's a whole new level of awesomeness for breakfast thanks to our friends at the Fort Collins Donut Company.

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They are taking eating donuts for breakfast to a whole new level with their breakfast donuts.

So yeah, there you have it. It's basically just a regular old glazed/maple donut with eggs and bacon in the middle.

Sweet and savory taken to the next level, combine that with a cup of their coffee and my goodness, what a way to start the day.

These donuts will be available all during the week now (Monday through Friday) either inside the store which is located at 215 N College Avenue on the corner of Laporte and Walnut.

Oh but wait, there are more good vibes included with these breakfast donuts, on Fridays, teachers and all other educators get the hookup.


Oh but wait there's more, in addition to that breakfast donut, the Fort Collins Donut Company also has this mouth watering bundle of deliciousness featuring a sweet take on biscuits and gravy.



So you say that breakfast donut might not be your thing, that's ok because they have a whole bunch of other delicious options including the Peach Crisp which features palisade peaches, cinnamon, salted honey, lemon poppy, FoCo Cream (which is a take on Boston creme) along with traditional glazed, sprinkles and more. 

In addition the Fort Collins Donut Company has gluten free options as well.



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