Well, we're constantly ranked one of the healthiest, happiest states... what's there to change? According to various sources, Coloradans still set out to better themselves in the last year with these resolutions. 

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1) Fitness -- Despite the fact that Colorado is, year after year, recognized for being fit, we just can't quit it. According to Mental Floss, 'Body Nutrition sifted through 250,000 geotagged tweets' at the end of 2015, and concluded that Coloradans were most concerned about being more active in 2016. I know that I was. Were you?

See the full infographic from Body Nutrition here.

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2) Live Life to the Fullest -- This sounds like a cliche inspirational quote you would put on a canvas in a sip 'n' paint class with your girlfriends, but according to a survey done by GOBankingRatesthat was a popular resolution in our state. Well, a little vague, but OK.

See the full infographic from businesswire.com here.