How can you tell that someone is from Colorado without asking them?

This task might seem easy. Many Centennial State residents aren't exactly shy about their "native" statuses — even if they're in the minority. Stereotypes (some true, some not) also associate our state with sports, skiing, and marijuana.

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On the other hand, identifying a Coloradan can be difficult. For example, locals don't have much of an accent.

Sure, we don't say the letter "t" in the word mountain, but we also don't necessarily have an iconic way of speaking — à la Boston's "pahk the cah on Hahvahd Yahd" or the Midwest's "ya, you betcha."

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Another thing that makes it hard to recognize a tried and true Coloradan is that all residents aren't the same. You'd be hard-pressed to find many similarities between a farmer in Sterling, a college student in Boulder, and a mountain man in Leadville.

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However, some phrases and characteristics just scream "Colorado," so we took to social media to ask how you would identify yourself as a real-deal Centennial State-er.

You all had tons of suggestions. Read on to see 25 ways to say you're from Colorado without actually saying it, according to you.

25 Ways to Say You're From Colorado Without Actually Saying It

How would you tell someone you're from Colorado without actually telling them? We asked, and you answered. Read on to see what you had to say.

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