Think about how many cool little towns are in Colorado. A lot to say the least and some you may have been to a bunch of times while some you may have never heard of and if you're like me, this particular town falls into that category.

According to Love Exploring, who put together a list of the most underrated towns in every state in the country, claimed the town of Paonia as Colorado's most underrated gem.

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I can honestly say I've never heard of it but after doing a little research on this place, it may have to be a spot on my bucket list to check out before the end of summer or at least before the big snows hit the mountains.

Paonia, with a population of just under 2000 people is 280 miles from Downtown Windsor and about a 4.5 hour drive.

The town is tucked away on the Western side of the state between Montrose and Crested Butte just off Highway 133 and I must say, just from this picture alone, I'm ready to pack up and head to Paonia.


In addition to the stunning views which seem to be at every turn, the pace in Paonia seems to be slower, a lot more relaxing and invigorating. Their charming downtown with filled with local shops still has horse and buggies rolling through it as you take a step back in time.


It really is just like out of a postcard with plenty of places to just chill out and enjoy the vibe and once again enjoy the views from seemingly every spot in the town.


Paonia is also prime peach territory so if you're looking for some of the fresh deliciousness that are Palisade peaches, you wont' have far to go. In fact, you can actually do some camping (glamping) in an actual peach orchard.


Ok ok, you're still not sold on Paonia, how about the fact that it's also in prime wine country with no shortage of some of the best wines that Colorado has to offer?


It's official, I'm sold on Paonia and am ready for a visit.


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