There's a lot of negativity and depressing things in the world these days and on the internet in particular but there are certain things that can turn even the crappiest day around...things like a bear playing around in the snow and getting a drink of water.

Sure, bears aren't the biggest fans of snow and winter in general because after all, they sleep for months to avoid it but apparently, this bear wants to have a little fun in the snow before it settles in for its winter slumber.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife captured some video of a bear having a ball in the snow. It was the season's first snow down in Roxborough State Park this past week.

I can relate to this because when the first few snows hit, I'm all over it, running around with my 6 year old catching snowflakes on our tongue, playing football and just enjoying it in every way possible and then by January or February...after the shoveling and the plowing...I'm ready to dig a hole and sleep for a few months too.

But check out this bear having the time of its life...

YouTube/CBS Denver


We don't have any snow in the forecast (at least for us lowlanders) this week but the mountains could see a little more snow mid week but I know for a fact, I'm excited for the first snow to fall here because when it does, I'll be out there in full force frolicking as well.

Are YOU ready for the snow to fall?


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