Do you have a potty mouth? Your cursing may stand out if you're in the Mile High City. According to a new report, Denver is one of the least potty-mouthed cities in the country, followed by Nashville and San Antonio.

The report by Preply finds the average person swears 21 times a day. In Denver, the average person curses 20 times a day.

The city that curses the most? Columbus, Ohio, where the average person curses 36 times a day.

When do we start cussing? On average, we start super early at about 11 years old.

If you're trying not to curse, the most popular word substitutes are "fudge," "shoot," and "frick." My personal non-cuss phrase is "Geez, Louise!!"

When people of Denver do cuss, where is it most likely to happen? In front of strangers. And Denver residents are most likely to cuss in front of elders, which seems awkward.

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