If you're looking for love in Colorado, you may be in luck because one Colorado city was just ranked a Top 3 city for singles in the entire country. Are you single and ready to mingle?

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Colorado City Ranked Top 3 In The Country For Single People

If you're looking for love in all the wrong places, you could just be looking in the wrong city. Excuse me for using this analogy even though I'm not a fisher, but It's like fishing in the wrong pond. You've gotta fish where the fish are. Apparently, there's one particular Colorado city that's better than the rest to look for love as it was ranked Top 3 in the entire United States.

Where Is The Best City For Single People In Colorado?

With the average first date costing close to $100 these days, you've gotta get it right. WalletHub did a study across almost 200 American cities to help you find the best place to meet that special someone. Basing their ranking on items like economics, fun & recreation, dating opportunities, price to eat out for two, and more, they've ranked Denver, Colorado, as the third-best city for single people to find love in the entire country with a score of 62.05. Just down the list at number 19 is Colorado Springs with a score of 56.97. Rounding out Colorado cities in the Top 100 is Aurora. Surprisingly no Northern Colorado cities made the list. So, who was number 1?

Where Is The Best City For Single People In The United States?

Source: WalletHub

Sitting at the top of WalletHub's list in Seattle, Washington with a score of 64.77. Madison, Wisconsin was number two which is kind of surprising. To me anyway. I'd have certainly ranked Denver before Maddison but I'm clearly biased. Only about two months until Valentine's Day so get your booty down to Denver and find your future boo.

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