Summer in Colorado means we're going to start to see some pretty warm temps outside. That's why you have to try this local Colorado Ice cream gem to cool down.

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A Must Try Hidden Gem Colorado Ice Cream Shop

Summer means a lot of things. No school, vacations, longer days, swimming pools, and maybe the best part, extra ice cream shop visits. When I was younger we'd always take trips to the local Dolly Maddison Ice Cream Shop and I'd get a rootbeer shake or an ice cream cone the size of my head. Sadly, all of the Dolly Maddison's, including the one just down from the radio station on Main Street in Windsor, closed their doors. There are still some amazing locally owned and operated ice cream shops around Colorado including one famous hidden gem down in Denver.

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream In Denver, Colorado

How I've lived in the Denver, Colorado area my whole life and not once heard about this place just blows my mind! Bonnie Brae Ice Cream Shop at 799 S University BLVD in Denver is called a "Denver Tradition" for a reason. Look at these tasty treats they offer.

What Kind Of Ice Cream Does Bonnie Brae Ice Cream Have?

A giant fresh chocolate-dipped waffle cone with freshly made ice cream and sprinkles? Sign me up.

I'm not allowed another ice cream cheat until July 4th weekend but this pic makes it hard to wait.

Who doesn't love fun toppings on their cones? I love 'em.

A classic indeed... Looks so good.

As it says on the sign, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream is made in-house by an ice cream "Chef" and according to reviews on yelp and their social pages it's the absolute best ice cream money can buy. I can't wait to buy some myself sometime this summer and be the judge of that.

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