Are you a morning person? No? Then perhaps you can identify with a grizzly that just woke up from a long hibernation in the Tetons and does not appear to be in a good mood. At all.

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One of the more popular tour groups in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park just shared this brief status of a large apex predator they spotted coming out after a long winter:

A male grizzly, recently emerged from his winter hibernation, searches for food through a snowy landscape. This video was filmed using a PhoneSkope attached to a Maven spotting scope.

For the record, what they're saying is they were nowhere near this big bear. That's a long-distance camera scope.

The National Park Service shared details of what bears do when they den and when they come out of hibernation. Seeking food sources by foraging is #1 on the to-do list for bears and this big guy looks like he's been very successful at staying well-fed. One fascinating fact they included was that grizzlies like this that have such thick fur can have their metabolic rate cut in half when they're denning for the winter. They add that despite the fact that bears have twice the cholesterol rate of humans during this time, they don't suffer from any problems in their arteries (like us people do).

Always interesting when tour groups can get up-close video like this while staying a long distance away from the animals. One of the reasons why Jackson Hole Eco Tour Adventures is worth a follow on YouTube.

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