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This week's cutest pet has quite the story...she's a great dane named Annie who has touched many lives around her in the expanse of her dog years.

Courtesy of Kathy Best
Courtesy of Kathy Best

Here's an excerpt from her owner, Kathy Best's submission:

"She sleeps next to me at night in our motorhome with three other four legged buddies, [they're] smaller than her. Yes, it's tight but all happy to be together. They spent Christmas eve at Grace point senior living home for hours. We walked halls making as many smile and warming up hearts, not saying a word just sharing compassion and sharing their love to all they could. They dressed up for special outing."

Best also provided a story where Annie was able to touch the heart of a young boy with autism.

"A little boy which I didn't know has autism walked in for his appointment [and] stopped in his tracks when he saw Annie sitting next to me. It was love at first sight and miracles began to happen without a word spoken. He ran to her, bear hugged her neck and smiled so big. [...] I asked him [if] he would like to walk her. He got so excited, grabbed her leash and began to walk around lobby."

Kathy, we hope that Annie continues to touch the hearts of those around her and congratulations on winning her a bag of dog food from Hank's Pet Food Market in Loveland!

We want to hear the stories of your adorable pets-- dog, cat, furry or feathered!  You will take home a bag of AvoCare dog or cat food if our panel of judges picks you, so enter at the link below!

You must live in Colorado to win.

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