The summer has been unrelenting around Northern Colorado this year, and it's going out with a bang. The high temperatures are making most of the classrooms in the school districts miserable.

Record-setting highs in the Loveland and Fort Collins area have lead the Thompson R2-J School District as well as the Poudre School District to take action, by releasing students two hours earlier than normal for a couple of days.

TSM/Dave Jensen

The school districsts put out an announcements on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 (*which was an off day for the Thompson School District as part the long Labor Day Weekend,) about the temporary change to the schedule.

...the district will be closing two hours earlier tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7th, and Thursday, September 8th Afternoon bus routes for students will run two hours earlier than their typical time and students will be released two hours earlier than their normal time as well.

Poudre Schools

The TSD and Poudre releases both state that a majority of the schools are not fully air conditioned, so for the sake of the students and staff members, it's all for the best to just get out of those buildings early. By Friday, September 9, 2022, things will begin cooling off enough to return to regular hours.

Also from Thompson School District:

We understand that these early closures may create a burden for some of our families who will need to adjust their schedules to accommodate the change. We appreciate your support as we continue to take reasonable steps as needed to help keep our students and school communities safe.

Thursday afternoon Early Childhood sessions are cancelled as a result. If you are enrolled in an after-school care program with YMCA or Boys and Girls Club, your provider will be in touch with child-care availability.


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It's got to be very rough to not only try to learn in searing heat, but to be up in front of the class trying to teach the hot students. It's a good idea, even though it might be a hassle for parents, to get everybody out, if only a couple of hours early.

Starting times for these days will remain unchanged, which makes sense as it'd definitely cooler at the start of the school day.

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