Migration is a word that is usually associated with birds, but this time of year we're talking about spiders.

That's right, thousands of hairy tarantulas are headed to Colorado, according to a Colorado Springs Gazette report.

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Every year these creepy crawlers come to the our lovely state in search of a mate.

Generally, the tarantulas visit La Junta and parts of southeastern Colorado from August through early October.

Mostly its the 10 year old males are “Oklahoma brown” tarantulas, seeking the typically less transient females that burrow in Colorado’s prairies.

If you wanna see this creepy craze you can visit Highway 109 south of La Junta on Comanche National Grassland near 6 p.m.

Tarantulas, for the most part, are harmless to you and your pet.

However, if you do get bit you might have an allergic reaction or feel itchy due to their hairs irritating to eyes, mouths and noses.

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