2020 is going to be a little nicer for these three Fort Collins city officials.

According to The Coloradoan, the city manager, city attorney, and chief judge will all be receiving raises between 3-4.5% next year.

Fort Collins City Council approved the salary increases at Tuesday's (December 17) city council meeting.

City attorney Carrie Daggett will be getting a 3% raise, increasing her salary to around $205,000 per year. Council approved her raise unanimously, stating that she was an "efficient and innovative" leader.

Chief Judge Kathleen Lane will be getting a 4.5% raise, upping her salary to around $120,000 per year. Her raise was also approved unanimously, with council taking her 30-year tenure into account.

City manager Darin Atteberry will be getting a 3% raise, increasing his salary to around $280,000 per year.

The decision to give Atteberry a raise did not come easily. Council member Ross Cunniff opposed the motion, stating that Atteberry's salary was already higher than other city managers.

He also felt that there had been poor communication in the city during Ross' time in office.

Others, such as council member Emily Gorgol, supported Atteberry's raise. Gorgol stated that it was illogical to deny him a raise in order to make it even with other city managers, noting that it would take years without raises to get to that point.

With the new raise, Atteberry's salary will be just above the 75th percentile when compared to other city managers.

Daggett's new salary will be slightly above the 50th percentile, while Lane's will be a bit above the 25th percentile. Lane's low percentile was also a factor in getting her the highest raise.

These percentiles were determined by a council ad hoc committee, who compared the three salaries to those with the same positions in 17 other peer cities, including Boulder and Sacramento.

Regardless of raises, all three Fort Collins positions include retirement benefits, vacation time, bonuses, and car allowances.

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