Ok, I'm putting this out there right now, as a Steelers fan, this hurt a LOT.  Even though the Steelers were 12-4 and the Broncos were 8-8, since Denver won their division, they got to host the AFC Wildcard game.

The Steelers were coming off a Super Bowl loss to Green Bay the year before and there was a lot of hope of returning to the big game in the 2011.

This certainly wasn't the Broncos most memorable season by any means. But this playoff game certainly goes down in Broncos lore back in the first season of old coach John Fox.

Tim Tebow, Willis McGahee, Eric Decker and Demarius Thomoas led the offense while the defense was led by guys like Chris Harris Jr, Brian Dawkins, Von Miller, who was just a baby and let's not forget about Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil.

The Steelers started strong and took an early lead but the game itself was back and forth for the most part. The Steelers scored to tie the game with about 3 minutes left.

The Broncos won the ever so important coin toss to start overtime with the recently changed rules that gave both teams a chance to possess the ball in OT UNLESS...the team that won the coin toss scored a TD on the initial possession.

That's when "Tebomania" reached its peak and when Tim Tebow worked his magic to send Bronco Nation into an absolute frenzy and me to the bathroom to throw up.

Denver Broncos Forgotten Players


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